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How Do You Look on Paper? Check Out Our Top-Rated Resume Service

You know your skills and abilities and you’re certain you would be perfect for the position. But will your resume differentiate you from the other candidates and get you in the door for that job interview? Most hiring professionals review resumes in less than 30 seconds so it is absolutely necessary to have an eye-catching resume or run the risk of being screened out.

Today more than ever, you need a top-notch resume in order to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed. No matter how great you are at what you do, a lackluster or poorly written resume will shut your job hunt down faster than you can say “spell check.” Additionally, a killer resume can dramatically shorten your job search time and give you a better response rate.

At 10 til 2, we have a database of more than 60,000 candidates and we review countless resumes every day. The biggest mistake we see is experienced, highly-skilled candidates with poorly worded or badly designed resumes. Make no mistake; nothing thwarts a potential job interview faster than an unprofessional resume. In fact, 10 til 2 won’t even send substandard resumes to our clients without a rewrite.

Think of your resume as the written version of you. What is the first impression an employer gets from reading it? Does it positively reflect your skills, achievements and education? Does it really show the employer why they should hire you over someone else?

10 til 2 has been helping candidates prepare great resumes for years.

We now offer Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 as part of our effort to give job candidates the tools they need to compete in this challenging job market.

Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 will work with you to create a resume that is:
  • Written to engage the employer and get results
  • Formatted with a clean, consistent layout and design
  • Free of typographical and grammatical errors

Together, we will work with you to highlight your skills and abilities; present the information effectively; and ultimately create a professional resume to help give you the self-confidence you need to land that job. Just as there are good and bad resumes out there, understand that not every resume service produces top results. The goal of Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 is not just to list your experience, but to let you shine on paper and be at the top of any potential employer’s interview list.



Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 is priced simply and affordably. No extra charges, add-ons or high-priced sliding fees. And we’re fast. In five business days or less*, you will receive a professional resume and can get moving on your job search. *Does not include revision time.

Timeless Resume Creation $175

  • An evaluation and analysis of your current resume
  • A 30-45 minute phone consultation to examine your career and future employment goals
  • Creation of a new resume
  • Includes up to two revisions
  • Final versions will be prepared and electronically delivered to you in all of the following formats:
    • Microsoft Word®
    • Adobe© PDF
    • ASCII (version stripped of formatting for use with online applications)

Call us today at 303.909.3868 to get started.


Do I have to be in the 10 til 2 system to use Timeless Resumes?
No, this service is available to you regardless of whether you are a registered 10 til 2 Job Candidate.

How long will it take to get my resume?

In five business days or less, you will receive a professional resume and can get moving on your job search. But this depends on you. It does not include revision time or time you spend reviewing our work.

What if I don’t like it?

Our resume service includes up to two revisions, which allows plenty of opportunity to have our expert writers provide you with the resume that works for you.

Will the Timeless Resume get me the job I want?

We hope so, but obviously we can’t guarantee that.


Read what people have to say about Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2:

“I honestly didn’t know where to begin when it came to drafting an attention-getting resume. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in knowing how to emphasize my work experience and skill sets. I feel very fortunate that Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 was able to use their expertise and help me craft a resume that stands out from the crowd.” Anne K. – Denver, CO

“I had no idea how to revamp my resume, so I turned to Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2. They did an excellent job at highlighting my strengths and unique qualities. As I began my job search, I received numerous compliments on my eye-catching resume. I am now gainfully employed and feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have worked with 10 til 2.” Leigh O. – San Francisco, CA

“Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 did a phenomenal job helping me craft and prepare my resume. My resume was bland and lacked pizzazz to get employers’ attention. 10 til 2 did a great job on helping me hone in on my skills, market my qualities and quantify my achievements. I strongly recommend working with Timeless Resumes by 10 til 2 to prepare a winning resume and stand out from the crowd!” Ryan J. – Denver, CO

We would love for you to have the resume you deserve. Call us today at 303.909.3868.