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10 til 2 started with a question… actually, two.

Why do so many top-notch professionals, in the prime of their careers, voluntarily drop out of the nine-to-five rat race; and how could businesses benefit from all that untapped talent?

Turns out these professionals were not willing, for any number of reasons, to work a standard forty-hour week and had no real options in attaining professional part-time employment. These potential employees were ready to give their all to an employer in return for a little flexibility in their work schedule. The founders of 10 til 2 realized that this sector of the workforce was a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and the ones who would benefit from this gold mine were small to mid-sized businesses.

10 til 2’s professional, part-time employment model was poised to profoundly change the way the marketplace valued “mothers and others” and give an edge to small businesses who wanted to run with the big dogs.

10 til 2’s founders opened their doors in 2003 and quickly grew the business to become the leading professional part-time staffing company in the industry. Thousands of successful placements later, the company came under new ownership in 2015. Due to the stellar relationships built over the years, coupled with the changing employment environment and the evolving needs of our core workforce, 10 til 2 has now expanded our suite of services to include a more comprehensive spectrum of staffing solutions and employment sectors.

And with the growth of the 10 til 2 brand, that elusive work-life balance — in whatever form it takes — continues to become a reality for countless professionals in search of the American dream; and an invaluable resource for businesses vying to get ahead in today’s competitive world.

Sometimes the market dictates a new direction; and sometimes that direction can turn an industry on its ear. Such is the case with 10 til 2.

Part-Time. Full-Time. It’s About Time.
Awards & Recognition
  • Fastest Growing Companies – Denver Business Journal – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Top 20 Staffing Agencies – Denver Business Journal – 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – 7 Hot Business Ideas – 2008
  • ASA Voice Award – 2009
  • ActionCOACH Business Excellence Awards – Finalist – 2011
  • Colorado Companies to Watch – Finalist – 2011
  • ColoradoBiz Top Company – Finalist – 2011
  • ColoradoBiz Top 250 Private Companies – 2011, 2013