Information for Job Seekers

Our Requirements

10 til 2 connects our clients with top-notch, college-educated job candidates. While most of the job seekers in our proprietary database hold a bachelor’s degree and many have a master’s, our minimum requirement is at least one year of education from an accredited college or university.

What Is Considered an Accredited College or University?

Our business is based on the fact that our candidates are highly educated professionals. For that reason we require that you have a minimum of one year of college. Only the following are accepted:

  • State University or State College (for example: CU Boulder, Colorado State, Metro State, University of Wyoming, Cal State, etc.)
  • 4-year accredited universities or private colleges (for example: University of Denver, Regis University, Colorado College, Stanford, Yale, etc.)
  • 2-year, Community and Junior Colleges (for example: Community College of Denver, Colorado Mountain College, Aurora Community College, Red Rocks Community College, Arapahoe Community College, etc.)
  • Technical Colleges (for example: University of Phoenix, Westwood College of Technology, Colorado Technical University)

Trade school and vocational school programs such as Pickens Tech, Barnes Business College, Parks College and Emily Griffith, among others are only considered when the applicant has completed their program and received certification.