Information for Job Seekers

Job Seeker Frequently Asked Questions

I am having trouble registering/logging in. What is going on?

More often than not, the inability to successfully log in to our system is due to something called web cookies. Web cookies can sometimes interfere with a website’s user experience. To remedy the issue, go to the History Menu of your web browser and delete your recent history, which should include cookies. You should then be able to register and/or log in to our system. Please feel free to contact us at 303-909-3868 should you continue to experience technical issues. It is important to note that the functionality of our website works best in Internet Explorer.

When I uploaded my resume, it seemed to lose its formatting. Why?

While the platform we use for job seekers to build their 10 til 2 Profile is arguably the best in the business, it can sometimes be finicky. We suggest that, if at all possible, you upload your resume as an MS Word document.

Do you have a position in my city?

10 til 2’s operations are centralized to our corporate office in Denver with most of our open positions located within the state of Colorado. You should also consider viewing our virtual positions listed on our Job Board; however,  at this time, all 10 til 2 employees must reside in the state of Colorado.

Do you place people other than moms?

Yes! 10 til 2 is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Anyone with the desire to work part-time and who has completed at least one year of college education is encouraged to apply.

What types of positions do you fill?

Please refer to our What Types of Positions listing.

Is 10 til 2 a temporary service?

Most of our jobs are long-term, part-time positions, meaning our clients believe that they have an ongoing need for an employee to do the specified work. On occasion our jobs will be temporary; the duration of a job will be noted in the job description.

I submitted my resume and application. Why haven’t I heard from you?

Due to the volume of applicants, it is not possible for us to contact every job candidate who submits an application and resume. We appreciate your interest in 10 til 2 and we will contact you when we have a part-time position that fits your skills, location and desired work schedule. Please check our website regularly to view our open positions. With a simple click, you can express interest in any of our open jobs; this will alert our team that you would like to be considered for a specific position.

I expressed interest in an open job. Why didn’t anyone call me?

Please understand that nearly every job we post receives a great deal of interest. In order to be considered for a specific position, your resume must show previous experience in that field. If your resume doesn’t show the required experience, you will not be considered for the position. This is why it is imperative that you keep your resume and profile up-to-date. You are welcome to upload multiple resumes or update your profile at any time.

I’d like to mail or fax my resume to you. Where should I send it?

We are an internet-based business and only accept electronic resumes as part of our online application process. Please register on the job board page to upload your resume and complete your profile online.

I have only one semester of college. Can I still apply?

We are sorry, but our business requires all applicants to have at least one full year of college.

I went to trade school, does that count?

It depends. Please review what counts as one year of college education for your specific situation in the section “Our Education Requirements” above.

Do you have a list of open jobs?

We maintain a list of our current Open Jobs on our website. Check in often, as new jobs are posted regularly. We may also contact you for a job that is not posted, based on the nature of the position and the wishes of our clients. Most, but not all, of our open jobs are posted on the website. We also post our most recent open jobs every Monday on our Facebook page. You can find it and follow us at

I’m not sure my resume reflects my skills in the best possible light. Can you review my resume?

10 til 2 offers a resume writing service. For more information click on the “Timeless Resumes” tab above.

Are all of your jobs only scheduled from 10 until 2?

No. The specific hours for each job will be included in the job description.

I want to come by the office. Where are you located?

10 til 2 is operated using web-based technology; therefore all applications are registered online. If we need to meet with you, we will make appropriate arrangements at that time.

I attempted to complete my online application, but my computer got hung up and I’m not sure if it is complete. What should I do?

Simply email or call 303-909-3868. We can reactivate the incomplete application so that you can go in and finish the process.

Who do you “represent” – the job candidate or the business client?

10 til 2 represents our business clients, but in the process, we also help people find great part-time (and full-time) jobs.  Our mission is to help businesses find exceptional, college-educated employees, and while we can't guarantee we will find you a job, we value our incredible job candidates and often develop a great partnership to match you with fitting opportunities.

Is there a cost to me for the 10 til 2 service?

There is no fee to the job seeker for job placement through 10 til 2.

If I am placed through 10 til 2, do I become an employee of 10 til 2 or the client?

Most often, you will become a 10 til 2 employee. Our clients have the option to hire you directly after a minimum of six months. We also fill direct hire positions at the client’s request, in which you immediately become an employee of the client.