Information for Employers

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

How are billing rates and pay rates determined?

Your bill rate and the employee’s pay rate are determined by the requirements of the position. Once we determine the specifics of the position you need filled, we will tell you the hourly rate we would bill for the position.

What does the hourly rate you charge cover?

Your bill rate includes the employee’s hourly pay rate, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, payroll, recruiting and hiring. Unless background checks and/or drug testing is requested, 10 til 2’s clients do not incur any further costs beyond the hourly bill rate.

Can you tell me about 10 til 2’s proprietary database of job candidates?

Yes! 10 til 2 has a proprietary database of more than 60,000 experienced, college-educated professionals. More than 90% of our job candidates have earned a bachelor’s degree, while nearly 30% hold a master’s. You won’t find a more talented pool of job candidates, specifically seeking part-time employment, anywhere else in the industry; but make no mistake, we have an exceptional selection of full-time talent as well.

What if I don’t need your payroll services?

10 til 2 can help you find the perfect employee to go directly onto your payroll. We call this a Direct Placement. 10 til 2 will perform all the recruiting and screening functions, but once you select an employee, he or she will go directly onto your payroll. We charge a one-time fee of 25% of the anticipated annualized salary for this service. 10 til 2 offers a 60-day guarantee on all Direct Placements.

What if I love my 10 til 2 employee and want to put them directly onto my payroll?

10 til 2 gives our clients the option to “Buy-Out” their 10 til 2 employee after six months. Our Buy-Out fee is calculated as the average monthly billing paid by the client during the prior six months.

What happens if the employee is not working out?

If the 10 til 2 employee you select doesn’t work out for any reason, simply call your 10 til 2 contact and we will end the placement. Hopefully you will allow us to resume the search for the right employee.

How do I know the employee really has the skills the position requires?

10 til 2 performs a comprehensive screening of all candidates with regard to the appropriate skills needed for the position. If required, we can conduct skills testing for specific software and processes.

Does 10 til 2 conduct background checks and drug testing?

At the employer’s discretion, 10 til 2 can conduct background checks on potential job candidates. We can also conduct standard drug testing, should you deem it necessary.

Do you conduct reference checks?

Yes. 10 til 2 conducts reference checks upon the client's request, and relays any pertinent information to our client.

How many hours can the employee work?

10 til 2 employees generally work from four to 40 hours per week. Placements may not work overtime without preapproval from the client.

Can you staff a full-time job?

Yes!  10 til 2's new division called 9 to 5 Search specializes in full-time job searches.  Most clients choose to do a direct placement for a full-time position, hiring the person directly for a flat fee.  However unlike most boutique recruiting firms, we can payroll a person for a trial period - or indefinitely - for a full-time position as well, which can be a valuable option for many clients.  Check out our website for more information on our full-time staffing and recruiting services.

Do you staff job-sharing positions?

Yes, we can staff any professional position, including those that qualify as job-sharing.

Does 10 til 2 offer payroll services?

Yes, 10 til 2 can act as your payroll department, should your company require that service.

How does 10 til 2 bill me for services?

We will send a weekly invoice for hours worked the previous week. All invoices are due upon receipt.