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10 til 2 is the cutting edge staffing company that specializes in providing businesses, just like yours, with part-time, college-educated professionals.

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10 til 2 connects our clients with top-notch, college-educated job candidates. Set up a 10 til 2 Job Seeker Profile today.

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10 til 2 uses an online time entry system provided by Advance Partners and powered by PeopleNet

Why Choose 10 til 2

Why do so many top-notch professionals, in the prime of their careers, voluntarily drop out of the nine-to-five rat race; and how could businesses benefit from all that untapped talent? Turns out these professionals were not willing, for any number of reasons, to work a standard forty-hour week and had no real options in attaining professional part-time employment.

These potential employees were ready to give their all to an employer in return for a little flexibility in their work schedule. The founders of 10 til 2 realized that this sector of the workforce was a treasure chest just waiting to be opened and the ones who would benefit from this gold mine were small to mid-sized businesses.

10 til 2’s professional, part-time employment model was poised to profoundly change the way the marketplace valued “mothers and others” and give an edge to small businesses who wanted to run with the big dogs.

No Upfront Fees

All our staffing and recruiting services are contingency-based, so you pay no retainer or upfront fees.  There's no obligation to use our services unless you choose one of our candidates.  And we think you will!


Our turnaround time in presenting resumes and write-ups of the top qualified candidates is generally a matter of two to three business days.  We'll schedule interviews as quickly as you're able to meet our candidates.  And we can onboard your chosen candidate to start as soon as you need.


If you choose one of our 10 til 2 candidates, we will onboard him or her and simply bill you an hourly rate. We send you a convenient weekly invoice and you only pay for the hours our 10 til 2 employee works. It's that easy.


If you choose one of our candidates and love the convenience of us handling payroll for you, we can payroll the person indefinitely.  If you choose one of our candidates but want some reassurance before hiring him or her directly, we can payroll the person for a trial period.  If you choose one of our candidates for a job that's over 25 hours per week and want to hire him or her directly from the start, we can do a direct placement for a flat fee.  You have options with us.

Asbestos Abatement, Inc.

Asbestos Abatement is the largest asbestos removal company by number of jobs in the State of Colorado. As this industry is heavily regulated by numerous government agencies, attention to detail in operations is a must. Because of the company’s large volume, it needed a very capable office manager to ensure the business remained compliant and the office functioning fluidly.

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