The Right Skills or the Right Attitude?

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

Your business has a position to fill and a tick list of the technical skills required to do it. So you post the job, let the resumes pour in and begin the massive chore of sifting. But does finding the ideal person to add to your team really boil down to whether or not they have the exact experience you are looking for? Maybe not.

Some of the best workplaces, with the highest employee retention numbers, concentrate as much energy finding people with the right attitude as they do finding people with the right skills. The philosophy goes “Hire for attitude, train for skill.”

Regardless of whether you are seeking a part-time employee or a seasoned full-timer, it is attitude, above all, that will likely determine your best hires. If you are utilizing a staffing company or part-time placement service, it is important to let those vendors know of your “attitude requirement.” These services are the front line in finding your next star player and should be well informed on you company’s culture and expectations.

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