Business Success; Let’s Talk Turkey

By Gina Beckman

It’s the time of year to celebrate home and family. By applying the following Thanksgiving tenets to your business success plan, you can enhance your strategy and ring in the New Year with renewed purpose.

1. Gather ‘Round the Table. Just as you and your family sit elbow to elbow each Thanksgiving savoring both turkey and conversation, so too should you invite colleagues and industry thought leaders to your boardroom. Identify those professionals and experts whose opinions you value and ask them for input and advice on your business plan. They may bring a tasty dish to the table that you have never before considered.

2. Appreciate the People Around You. The Thanksgiving feast is emblematic of how much you appreciate and care for your family; but do you show the same appreciation to your employees? Give thanks this year to those folks that elevate your business, from your administrative assistant to your sales team. Same goes for contractors and vendors. These people work hard for you and they deserve recognition, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

3. Share Because You Want To. Even though your wallet may not be bursting at the seams, each Thanksgiving you share the blessings you do have with your family and friends. Giving to charities or donating your time to worthy causes can help your business invigorate its sense of purpose and spread good will to those in need. And it just feels good.

4. Loosen Your Belt and Indulge a Little. You normally eat a sensible diet, but Thanksgiving is the one day out of the year that you let go and gorge with reckless abandon. Do you ever give yourself the same break in your business? It is important to take a rest from the constant grind of the rat race, breathe deep and be good to yourself. You know what they say about all work and no play.

5. Look Back with Gratitude. In what has become the quintessential Thanksgiving ritual, you and your family sit around the holiday table as you share those things for which you are most thankful. Whether these reflections elicit smiles or tears, they often give us a deeper understanding of what we hold most dear. Take the time this holiday to reflect on your business and your accomplishments, be they large or small, be thankful for the opportunities you have been given and be grateful for the possibilities that lie ahead.

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