How to Score a Story in the Press

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

Not long ago, in the midst of the unemployment crisis, Kohl’s department store scored some big press. Many local news outlets included the Kohl’s story in their tease and positioned it among the top stories in their lineup. So what was the big deal about Kohl’s? Simple. In some of the darkest days of unemployment, the store was in the midst of a hiring drive to fill hundreds of part-time positions.

While few know the inner workings of the Kohl’s marketing department, it is probably safe to wager that all of the media attention was the product of a well-written, well-timed, pertinent press release. To the countless part-time job seekers, the story was great news and to the rest of us it acted as a hopeful harbinger of better times to come. For Kohl’s, it was nothing less than PR genius.

When seeking press coverage for your own business, it is important to keep the Kohl’s example in mind. A press release is only as good as it is pertinent and interesting.

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