Help Wanted Sifting Through 400 Resumes

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

A while back, the San Francisco Chronicle featured a story on its website detailing how a California Human Resources executive placed a job opening on Craig’s List and was inundated with more than 400 resumes in four hours.

“That’s an average of 100 applications an hour. I took the posting down because I couldn’t possibly deal with that kind of volume,” Danika Davis told the Chronicle.

The article, entitled “Human Resources Execs Having a Tough Time” goes on to explain that, in the current economy, the situation Davis experienced has become standard routine with HR departments and businesses throughout the country. Whether a company is staffing a full-time or part-time job, endless hours of sifting through resumes is simply the reality of posting a help wanted ad online.

So how can companies use their HR resources in an efficient, cost-effective way, while still finding the best candidate for the job?

Companies are increasingly turning to service providers to help them find top talent. Recruiters and employment agencies are an asset to both HR departments and small businesses that don’t have the time or resources to spend valuable work hours wading through piles of resumes to unearth the best candidates for their job openings. These staffing firms not only effectively advertise an open position, but may also have their own proprietary database of top talent, making the process of a new hire more streamlined and cost efficient for their clients.

Some staffing firms prove themselves even more invaluable to smaller businesses by assuming a client’s new employee as their own. This means that the new hire is actually employed by the staffing firm while working for the firm’s client. The staffing company conducts the background checks, fills out all the paperwork and manages payroll, while the client enjoys an added team member without overburdening themselves with the time and money related to acquiring and maintaining new talent.

While posting a job opening on a free or inexpensive website may seem like a shrewd cost-saving measure, keep in mind that your time is valuable; and that there are resources available to alleviate the burden of hiring your next star player.


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