What Most Resumes Are Missing (and why it really matters)

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

Today’s internet job searches and employment sites have made the once mandatory grey linen paper resume archaic, giving way to PDF and Word documents rife with key words and industry catchphrases. But even the most savvy job seekers these days are missing an important section in their resumes that might be keeping them out of the running for that next great job. Technology skills.

The word “technology” can seem scary to anyone outside of the IT world, however it is absolutely mandatory to include in your resume any and all of your computer-related skills. You might not know this, but most online application systems and recruitment sites use something called “parsing.” What this means is that employers will search their database of online applicants using key words, not unlike a Google search, for those requirements of the job. So if a position requires experience with MS Excel, but you failed to include it in the resume you uploaded, you simply won’t pop up when the employer enters his key word search. And that of course will stop your job candidacy dead in its tracks. Sort of like being lost in space.

So here is the skinny. Even if you are not a software developer, you need to include a section near the bottom of your resume (after your work history) entitled “Technology.” Then list every single piece of technology you have used. Include ALL software (like MS Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, QuickBooks, etc.), online platforms (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google Adwords, etc.), databases (CRMs, project management systems, etc.) and even social media skills (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Everything.

The importance of including technology and computer skills in your resume cannot be stressed enough; and can literally be the difference between your resume making its way to the top of the pile or never-ever-ever being seen by a single soul.

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  1. Prateek says:

    Things you have mentioned are really a must for every job seekers. Especially technical skills like MS word, powerpoint etc

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