What Do You Mean You Don’t Have a LinkedIn Account?

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

Let’s be blunt. If you are an adult professional, particularly one who is seeking to increase business, reenter the workforce or find a new job, you should have a profile on LinkedIn. And let’s be even more blunt. If you are an adult professional and have no real clue what LinkedIn is or why it is important, you need to seriously step up your game.

LinkedIn is the largest, most relevant social network for businesses and people in professional positions. Nearly 200 million global registered users utilize the site to build lists of their contacts (called connections) and interact with others regarding things like job openings, business opportunities, industry topics, etc.

One of the most basic and important features of LinkedIn is each user’s profile page, which essentially acts as an online resume. Building your LinkedIn profile gives potential business leads or future employers access to your credentials and the opportunity to connect with you… and you to connect with them.

And a basic LinkedIn account is free.

The internet is filled with information on how to build a profile on LinkedIn. You can even go to YouTube and watch a video tutorial. So if you don’t have a profile, build one now; you have no excuse.

Once you have registered an account on LinkedIn and have familiarized yourself with the basic ins and outs of the site, then read the following informative article on Inc.com on tips to enhance your profile: “5 Critical LinkedIn Optimizations That Take 5 Minutes or Less.”

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