No Job Offer? Little Things That May Get You Hired

Getting a job offer

Not sure why you didn’t get that job offer even though you thought you nailed the interview? Recently, CareerBuilder conducted a survey of hiring managers and HR professionals across multiple industries and asked them, “If you have two equally qualified candidates, which factors would make you more likely to consider one candidate over the other?” Their responses may surprise you:

  • The candidate with a better sense of humor, 27 percent
  • The candidate who is involved in his or her community, 26 percent
  • The candidate who is better dressed, 22 percent
  • The candidate who I have more in common with, 21 percent
  • The candidate who is more physically fit, 13 percent
  • The candidate who is more on top of current affairs and pop culture, 8 percent
  • The candidate who is more involved in social media, 7 percent
  • The candidate who is knowledgeable about sports, 4 percent

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Bottom line? If you don’t land a job offer after what you believe was a successful interview, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is impossible to know what makes an interviewer tick; so just be prepared, be on time and be yourself.

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