Resumes & Dinner Specials

They’re More Alike than You Think

By Gina Beckman

Picture yourself at a restaurant. Your waiter is standing at your table reciting in detail the 100 specials featured on the evening menu. “First on the list is a wonderful peppercorn encrusted salmon in a delicate beurre blanc sauce. The salmon is of the finest sushi grade and is shipped to us daily from…” And then he goes on and on, not only bestowing you with the highlights of Dish #1, but also explaining in detail the wonders of the next 99.

Knowing what you know about human nature, how many people do you think would sit through the entire list of 100 dinner specials rather than choose the first one that sounds amazing? Or, at the very least, stop the waiter when there are maybe five really great options.

Same thing goes with staffing. Many (probably most) job seekers mistakenly believe that submitting their resume to an employer automatically puts them in the running for the position to which they are applying; but this is simply not the case.

When a position is posted online, employers are often inundated with resumes. Let’s say 100. In all likeliness, whoever is sifting through this formidable pile of documents will stop when they have found three to five candidates whom they find impressive and whose experience fit the requirements of the job. If any of these people fall through, then perhaps the employer will revisit the pile; but for the most part, the preponderance of the 100 submitted resumes are going to go unread. Sad but true.

What can you do? Always submit your resume within 24 hours of a job posting, even quicker if at all possible, to increase your chances of being noticed and landing an interview. And don’t assume that just because the posting includes a submission deadline that the hiring manager will continue to review resumes until that date (because she won’t).

So when you see a job you want make sure to act fast and get that resume submitted right away in order to stay at the top of the job offer menu!

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