Find the Mistakes!


Ask any HR professional you know and they will confirm that poorly written resumes and cover letters are truly a nationwide epidemic. While nobody expects these documents to read with the eloquence of Shakespeare, it is absolutely imperative that your resume and cover letter be void of typos and grammatical errors.

So here is a game. Below is a cover letter from a job seeker expressing interest in a part-time position. There are ten errors in this short letter. Can you find them? If not, we suggest that you review your own resume and cover letter; or hire someone to do it for you.

Dear Hiring Manager: 

I am writing to you regarding the Costumer Service Representative position you have posted on your website..

I have five year experience as a CSR, having spent alot of that time as the shift leader of my department. During my tenure, my groups productivity increased by 55 per cent and my employee reviews have been among the best in the company.

I love working with the public and my customer interactions has been very positive. I have a strong attention to detail and and great communication skills. 

I am available for interview next week and look foreword to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Jane Doe 

Did you find all of the mistakes? Check back in soon for the answers.

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