Find the Mistakes 2014: Cover Letter Typos

Can You Spot All the Cover Letter Typos? Leave a comment!

Anyone who works in staffing or human resources can tell you just how often they receive a cover letter like the one below. Poor communication skills is an epidemic that continues to plague the employment sector and keep otherwise qualified job seekers out of work.

So take a look and see how many typos and other errors you can find and then list them in the comments section. This should be fun!




9 Responses to “Find the Mistakes 2014: Cover Letter Typos”

  1. Typos found:
    Sire and Madame-should not end with e.
    Markting-should be Marketing
    either “have run” or “ran”-past tense
    buzz-slang term-could be interest or acceptance.
    you’re should be your
    allover-two words
    e-mail address hotmail or google?
    you r should be your.

  2. missed one-“If your interested” should be “If you’re or you are interested”

  3. Steve B. says:

    Hello. Sincerly should be spelled ‘sincerely’. I’m shocked no one saw that.

  4. Leann Groby says:

    1. Madame & Sire: Delete the e on both
    2. Interested spelled incorrectly
    3. Markting s/b spelled Marketing
    4. orientated s/b oriented
    5. have spent, s/b having spent
    6. more then, s/b more than
    7. communicater, s/b communicator
    8. have ran, s/b have run
    9. great buzz, probably not so good in a cover letter. Should change to great excitement or increased profits, etc.
    10. you’re review, s/b your review
    11. Run -on sentence for the mom taking her kids places.
    12. allover, s/b all over or better yet, leave the sentence out of the cover letter.
    13. myself, s/b me
    14. confidante, s/b confident
    15. idea candidate, s/b ideal
    16. your interested, you are
    17. Email address incorrect as she isn’t working now, shouldn’t be using Google’s email address.
    18. Sincerly, s/b Sincerely
    19. y our, s/b your

  5. Leann Groby says:

    Also- Janie should never use her personal email address if it is: This is not professional and sheds a negative light on the candidate.

  6. Claudia Neal says:

    Hillareeus. Fun looking for words that were not misspelled!

  7. Terri says:

    Sir and Madam (w/o “e”)

    starting EVERY paragraph with “I”

    more “than”
    have run
    “buzz” – not appropriate??
    your review
    run-on sentence with poor word choices
    All over the place – not one word and is inappropriate
    time for “me” to go back…
    ideal candidate
    If you’re interested

    There are several places commas are neglected and necessary as well.

    Thank you for “your” … has a space in the wrong place

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