Does This Skirt Make My Resume Look Big?

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

Everything is going right. You have a great resume, you have done your networking and you have landed a big fat job interview. One of the most important factors in nailing that interview is making a great first impression.

Some might argue that interviewing for a part-time job lessens the need to abide by business dress codes; that “Casual Friday” eases these guidelines; and that there is an inherent inequity in what attire is expected of men and women. While some of these arguments may be valid, the fact remains that the “interview dress code” should for the most part be applied consistently, regardless of the day of the week.

For men, the “power suit” is pretty much a no-brainer for a professional job interview, but today’s women need to tackle considerably more variables when it comes to a polished appearance.

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