19 Top Tips for a Fabulous Resume

By Gina Beckman, 10 til 2 Marketing Director

A winning resume makes the difference between a potential employer wanting to meet you versus them hiring some other job candidate. The following are 10 til 2’s top tips to help you write a dynamic resume that will stand out from the crowd… and hopefully land you that next job.

  1. Take time to evaluate your strengths before you begin writing.
  2. Write to sell yourself within 10 seconds. These days that’s the average time the reader will spend reading your resume.
  3. Don’t include an Objective. Every hiring manager knows that your objective is to land a job with the company.  Use this valuable space to include a summary of qualifications or bullet points of your skills.
  4. Do not include “mom” or other descriptions of your parenting time as a job. We all know parenting is work, but it NEVER belongs on a professional resume.
  5. Don’t try to explain employment gaps with qualifying statements. Your skills and accomplishments demonstrated in prior positions should be enough to appeal to the employer. If they’re curious about time off, they will ask you at an interview.
  6. Focus on accomplishments, not functions. This is a big one. Use strong tangibles such as numbers, dollar figures and percentages. An endless job descriptions is far less compelling than how you were an asset to the business.
  7. Sell yourself strong, but keep it honest. Use specific accomplishments from prior job positions to demonstrate your skills.
  8. Keep the layout neat and clean; not overcrowded or cluttered. Keep it to one page if possible; two at the absolute max. Use no smaller than 11 point font size and at least half-inch margins.
  9. Don’t use full sentences like, “When in this position, I was responsible for managing…”  Instead, write “Managed …”
  10. Put your name on all pages.
  11. Under education list any college level studies and/or degrees. Do not include High School.
  12. Do include any training courses.
  13. Do not include addresses and phone numbers of the jobs you worked at. Save this for your references document.
  14. References should be in a separate document, not included on the actual resume.
  15. Refrain from using personal information, particularly that which is not pertinent to the job.
  16. Include significant volunteer and community leadership positions; this can be included in your “Work Experience” section. Remember to write in terms of results achieved, not just responsibilities. Write it up as if it was a paid position.
  17. Do not allude to religion or politics.
  18. Proofread, proofread, proofread! Print out your resume and read it over several times, keeping an eye out for any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and wording. Then have someone else proofread. A single typo will often get ones resume tossed.
  19. Get professional help if you need to. Don’t wing it. Click here to check out our Timeless Resumes service.








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