1099 Misclassification Costs Employer Big Time

You think just because your employer is a big corporation with deep pockets that they know how to legally classify workers? Well, you might very well be wrong. Check out the price this company had to pay because of 1099 misclassification issues.

Click here to check out the very costly verdict with millions in penalties against this once thriving newspaper business.

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13 Responses to “1099 Misclassification Costs Employer Big Time”

  1. Consta says:

    My husband was a cook in a restaurant and they paid him cash and they told him that because they didn’t take out taxes they refuse to give him a w2 or 1099 form is there something we can do or where to go for help?

    • 10 til 2 says:

      Consta: Pretty sure that is totally illegal. Your husband should definitely call the Department of Labor to help determine his options.

  2. Jo says:

    Work as a 1099 employee at trade shows on commission. We choose what weeks or weekends we want to work…but there was a company manual policy that we had to sign on how to do the job, a dress code and even have a manager that corrects you if you don’t use the correct sales techniques. I think it’s borderline employee.

  3. Donny says:

    I’m an independent contractor however my employer sent a w2… I made over 40k but they took out $10.00 in taxes but because they sent w2 my taxes is all screwed up what should I do?

    • 10 til 2 says:

      Prior to starting work, did you fill out a w4 or a W9? Did you ever submit a bill for your work or were you automatically issued paychecks? It sounds like you may be a contractor and the payroll department simply messed up by issuing you a W2 instead of a 1099. You might want to speak with them to find out their take on the situation. Either way, Uncle Sam needs to be paid what he is due. As we are not employment attorneys, we highly recommend you speak to the Department of Labor in your state for insight into your options. On a final note, if you are a contractor, you should try to refrain from using the word “employer.” By definition, your “employer” is actually your client if you are a 1099 worker.

  4. Marlyn says:

    I work for a doctors office as a medical assistant/ Front office Monday to Friday a total of 40 hours , she had me fill a 1099 . Is this legal ?
    I live in Maryland

  5. Tyler says:

    I work for a carpet cleaning company on my employers schedule, where a uniform, drive the company vehicle and use their equipment. I’m also paid by the hour and am required to work every day. Am I an employee? Also if my boss fires me for questioning him about this is it wrongful termination?

    • 10 til 2 says:

      Tyler: We are not employment attorneys, so it is important that you speak to one or the Department of Labor in your state. Good luck and keep us posted.

  6. Pat says:

    The moving industry provides a service and are they 1099 workers. Does anyone know any more details about this? The workers come through a temp service because work is sporadic. Any comments?

  7. mary says:

    I am a contracted employee. First mistake. I go into the office, have
    An employee email address, have certain dates and times of when everything needs to be done, etc. They sent me a 1099 and now I owe a ton of taxes even a self employment tax even though I only work for this one employer. What are my options? If I ever lose this job I cannot collect unemployment either. Are taxes higher for contracted employees?

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