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10 til 2 is the cutting edge staffing company that specializes in providing businesses, just like yours, with part-time, college-educated professionals.

10 til 2 gives your business an edge over your competition by providing an easy, affordable alternative
to maintaining a completely full-time staff. The strategy of using part-time career professionals
affords you with the best talent, flexible scheduling and the ability to seize control of the ever-increasing
cost of your payroll.

10 til 2 has a proprietary database of top-notch job candidates that we interview and screen… allowing our clients streamlined access to the best people available.

How Our Process Works
10 til 2 – The Part-Time Placement Service specializes in supplying businesses with seasoned professionals on a cost-saving, part-time basis. The foundation of our hiring process lies within our proprietary database of more than 50,000 top-notch, college-educated job candidates… ready to hit the ground running and work hard for your business.

Getting Started
The process is simple. Contact 10 til 2 and speak with one of our Staffing Specialists who will ask you specific questions about the position and the skills you desire from our job candidates. The Staffing Specialist will send you a 10 til 2 Requirements Agreement (RA) , a document outlining the position details. Once you approve the RA, we begin screening candidates for your position.

Resumes & Interviews
After determining the top candidates for your position, 10 til 2 will forward those resumes to you for your review. You choose the candidates you wish to meet, then we schedule interviews for you. Once you find the right fit for your office, we put the employee onto our payroll and you simply pay for the hours they work in your office.

How Payroll Works
10 til 2 takes care of all of the payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation insurance and other costs associated with the employee. We send you a convenient weekly invoice. You only pay for the hours that our 10 til 2 employee works for you. It’s as easy as that.

Two Placement Options
10 til 2 clients have two great options when bringing on a new employee:

Hourly Bill Rate
Our most common fee structure, this hourly rate includes payroll, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, unemployment insurance and our related services. Clients are given the opportunity to convert or “buyout” their 10 til 2 employee after he or she has worked for six months. The standard buyout is equal to one month’s billing averaged over the six-month employment period; with a minimum fee of $1000. This fee is guaranteed for three months on a prorated basis.

Direct Placement
This option bypasses our six month placement plan, putting the candidate directly on your
payroll for a fee. Our standard Direct Placement fee is 20% of the anticipated annual salary the client
will be paying the candidate; with a minimum fee of $1000. We offer a 90-day prorated guarantee on
this type of placement.

Contact Us
For more information or to discuss your impending staffing needs, contact us at 303.909.3868 or info@10til2.com.


Administrative Assistants
Customer Service Reps
Data Entry
Event/Travel Planners
Executive Assistants
Office Managers

Accounting / Finance

AP/AR Professionals
Certified Public Accountants
Financial Analysts
Finance Managers
Loan/Mortgage Support
Tax Accountants/Specialists

Marketing / Communications

Graphic Designers
Marketing Professionals
Public Relations Professionals
SEO/SEM Experts
Social Media Experts


Inside/Outside Sales
Sales Management
Sales Support

Human Resources

Benefits Administrators
HR Generalists
Insurance Specialists
Payroll Specialists
Recruiting & Training


Database Administrators
Technical Writers
Graphic/Web Design


Law Clerks
Legal Secretaries

How are billing rates and pay rates determined?
Your bill rate and the employees pay rate are determined by the requirements of the position. Once we determine the specifics of the position you need filled, we will tell you the hourly rate we would bill for the position.

What does the hourly rate you charge cover?
Your bill rate includes the employee’s hourly pay rate, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, payroll, recruiting and hiring. Unless background checks and/or drug testing is requested, 10 til 2’s clients do not incur any further costs beyond the hourly bill rate.

Can you tell me about 10 til 2’s proprietary database of job candidates?
Yes! 10 til 2 has a proprietary database of more than 50-thousand experienced, college-educated professionals. More than 90% of our job candidates have earned a bachelor’s degree, while nearly 30% hold a master’s. You won’t find a more talented pool of job candidates, specifically seeking part-time employment, anywhere else.

What if I don’t need your payroll services?
10 til 2 can help you find the perfect part-time employee to go directly onto your payroll. We call this a Direct Placement. 10 til 2 will still perform all of the recruiting/screening functions we usually perform but once you select an employee they will go directly onto your payroll. We charge a one-time fee of 20% of the anticipated annualized salary for this service. 10 til 2 does offer a 90 day pro-rated guarantee on all Direct Placements.

What if I love my 10 til 2 employee and want to put them directly onto my payroll?
10 til 2 does give our clients the option to “Buy-Out” their 10 til 2 employee after 6 months. Our Buy-Out fee is the average monthly billing paid by the client during the prior 6 months. We do offer a 90 day pro-rated guarantee on all Buy-Outs.

What happens if the employee is not working out?
If the 10 til 2 employee you select doesn’t work out for any reason, simply call your 10 til 2 contact and we will end the placement. Hopefully you will allow 10 til 2 to resume the search for the right employee.

How do I know the employee really has the skills the position requires?
We perform a comprehensive screening of all candidates with regard to having the appropriate skills needed for the position. If required, we can conduct skills testing for specific software and processes.

Does 10 til 2 conduct background checks and drug testing?
At the employer’s discretion, 10 til 2 can conduct background checks and DMV confirmations on potential job candidates. We can also conduct standard drug testing, should you deem it necessary.

Do you conduct reference checks?
Yes. 10 til 2 conducts reference checks and relays any pertinent information to our client.

How many hours can the employee work?
10 til 2 employees generally work from four to 35 hours per week. Placements may not work overtime without pre-approval from the client.

Can you staff a full-time job?
Yes, 10 til 2 does have candidates looking for 40 hour per week positions. If you would like us to help you find a great full-time employee we will perform the same screening functions but once hired, the employee would go directly onto your payroll. We charge a flat rate of 20% of the anticipated annualized salary for this Direct Placement.

How will a 10 til 2 part-time employee fit in with the rest of my office?
Employers throughout the country are increasingly supplementing their full-time staff with part-time employees. The part-time professional staffing mix allows businesses to employ the right amount of manpower at the times they most need it. Your 10 til 2 employee will be as dedicated and focused as any of your full-time direct hires.

Do you staff job-sharing positions?
Yes, we can staff any professional position, including those that qualify as job-sharing.

Does 10 til 2 offer payroll services?
Yes, 10 til 2 can act as your payroll department, should your company require that service.

How does 10 til 2 bill me for services?
We will send a weekly invoice for hours worked the previous week. All invoices are due net 15.


10 til 2 has scoured our massive database of more than 50,000 job seekers and compiled a red-hot  hot list of some of our most dynamic, experienced, standout professionals ready to put the sizzle into your business.


Meet Megan: Megan is an experienced Executive Assistant who most recently spent nearly ten years successfully supporting accounting and oil and gas executives. Megan has more than 13 years experience in administrative, office management and receptionist roles and is very professional, efficient, dedicated and skilled. Her technology skills are advanced with experience using a wide range of software and systems including Microsoft Office products, databases, and diverse tools for CRM, document management, bookkeeping, point-of-sale and CRM functions. Megan prefers a role with plenty of client interface; and she has exceptional communication skills, both on the phone and in person… in her opinion, the more client interface, the better! If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.

Meet Sylvia: Sylvia is seasoned professional seeking the next chapter of her career. After a successful 25 years in insurance underwriting, Sylvia sought more flexibility as an on-call freelance makeup artist for MAC.  Sylvia has solid administrative and MS Office skills. Sylvia is an ideal point of contact both on the phone and in person, as she is full of life and energetic while still maintaining poise and polish. Sylvia can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, she works with integrity and she is very loyal. If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.

Meet Michelle: Michelle’s background is in administrative support and marketing assistance. She’s proficient in MS Office applications including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, and she is adept in social media including building pages and SMM on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Michelle is very experienced in Salesforce and APIS (an analytical planning tool used to manage data and create reports). In her previous role in sales and marketing support, Michelle performed a variety of administrative functions including processing and managing a database of leads from diverse sources, managing vendor relations, tracking sales and generated purchase orders. Michelle is outgoing, genuine, service-oriented, and someone who makes people feel comfortable.  If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.


Meet Dina: Dina has an extensive professional background in marketing, client services and account management; and was a successful Director of Marketing Communications for a financial services organization. She is tech savvy with strong internet research skills and is very proficient in Salesforce and other CRMs. Dina has worked in executive leadership, administration, operations and HR support. She is bright, enthusiastic, articulate and personable and has a wonderful energy and phone presence. In a nutshell, we think she is wonderful and we know she will impress you too. If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.


Meet Stephanie: Stephanie was a successful economic development director for a business district association and has extraordinary business development and financial skills. Stephanie is extremely project oriented and excels at setting strategies and systematically working toward goals. She is truly a go-getter who can establish rapport with anyone. Stephanie has a very professional presence, superb communications skills and strong marketing skills; and is just one of those people who “gets it” and could really help drive your business.  If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.

Meet Randy: Randy has a successful background is in sales –inside, outside and full-cycle from contact to capture to close. He has excellent phone skills, great communication skills and is very amiable. Randy believes in creating win-win situations and genuinely helping clients and partners. He has a history of building a base of loyal return customers, contacts and partnerships. He has strong research skills and is tech savvy, having used a variety of CRMs and databases including Salesforce.  Randy recently helped a 10 til 2 client set up their ACT! CRM; and has successfully worked with several of our clients – all who loved his work and work ethic. If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.


Meet Allison: Allison is a highly skilled administrator and experienced Project Coordinator in a variety of industries. Her career includes success as an SAP Consultant, an independent consultant and a Consulting Manager for a large computer network and security company. Her most recent role was Project Manager which included overseeing the implementation of industry-specific software, assisting users with the new platform and performing system testing.  Allison has exceptional communication and management skills ; and she is particularly adept at communicating industry-specific and technical information clearly and concisely to cross-functional employees at all levels. She has managed project teams of up to 25 and is very friendly, articulate, and professional. If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.


Meet Sheila: Sheila has an extensive background working with non-profits in multiple capacities including team management, program implementation and fundraising. She is very experienced and successful in grant research, grant writing, and grant reporting.  Sheila is smart, dedicated and extremely thorough in her work; and is also an exceptional researcher. Sheila has worked in staffing and within the health sector and is very comfortable navigating the complexities and technology that both industries require. She has top-rate communication skills and phone presence with the ideal combination of warmth, polish and effectiveness. Ideally, Sheila is seeking a telecommute position with some flexibility. If you would like to learn more about this job candidate, call us at 303.909.3868.


WE CAN ACT AS YOUR OWN TEAM OF HR SPECIALISTS. We can place both part-time and full-time employees directly onto your payroll. For Direct Placements we:

●  Post your open position on our website.
●  Evaluate received resumes (we have seen stacks of more than 200 for a single position!)
●  Screen qualified job candidates on your behalf.
●  Conduct skills testing at your request.



●  Our website boasts more than 30,000 page views per month.
●  Our job candidate database houses more than 50,000 professionals.
●  We promote all open positions from our job board using social media.



●  We have the know-how to find you the people you need.



●  After writing thousands of job descriptions, our experts know the key elements that get your job noticed by the people you want to meet.



●  We’ve been in the staffing business for some time now… and let’s just say we have the interviewing process down to an art form. We know what to ask, what we can’t ask and what to look for in top candidates.



●  10 til 2 can act as the payroll department for your part-time employees. No need to hire a costly payroll manager… we’ve got you covered.


10 til 2 would love to help your business in any way we can, so give us a call at 303.909.3868 to learn more about any of our services.